Oh Hey.

This is me. I like space. So much that I got it tattooed on my arm. My mom was pretty pissed about it. I also used to use dramatic Instagram filters. 

I’m really laid back, which I think makes me easy to work with. I also like to get shit done. I know a lot about pop music & I have a strong appreciation for the subtleties in Jeopardy clues. I also don’t have my ears pierced because earrings are weird.

I'm currently working with a British art director who lives up to all of his stereotypes. Our biggest conflict came after I watched him dunk a cookie into some tea and told him it was gross. His book is better art directed than mine (thank god) and can be found here: harrysbook.com

Let's Chat

Here's my phone number: 914.621.8296
Here's my email: whitney.yando@gmail.com